Henry has been enjoying working with postgraduate students (or outstanding undergraduate students) in cyber-physical systems, internet of things and big data analytics. If you are interested in the above research topics, please feel free to contact with him by sending an email with a prior appointment first.

1. Student achievements (under henry's supervision)

  • 2016
    Scientific and Technological R & D Award
    Xuran Li was awarded with the Scientific and Technological R & D Award conferred by the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) of Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR), October 2016
  • 2013
    IEEE Practicability Prize Winner
    Walter Hon-Wai Lau (undergraduate student) was awarded with the Practicability Prize Winner in IEEE Project Competition 2013 (1 out of 10 teams) conferred by IEEE Macau Chapter, 2013

2. Postgraduate Students

  •    Ph.D. Students
  • Qubeijian Wang (Sept. 2017 – present), “Performance Analysis of Large Scale Wireless Networks”
  • Junhao Zhou (Sept. 2017 – present), “Mobile Intelligent Computing in Distributed Networks”
  •    M.Sc. Students (by Research)
  • Yalin Liu (Sept. 2017 – present), “Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks”

3. Completed Theses

  •    Ph. D. Theses
  1. Xuran Li (Sept. 2015 – Aug. 2018), “On Friendly Jamming Schemes in Wireless Networks”, Ph.D. defense on 25/07/2018 [photo] , First Employment: Shandong Normal University (SDNU)  
  2. Qiu Wang (Sept. 2015 – Oct. 2018), “Performance Analysis of Wireless Terrestrial and Underwater Networks”, Ph.D. defense on 30/10/2018 [photo] , First Employment: TBC
  •    M.Sc. Theses
  1. Qi Sun, “Research on Protective Jamming Scheme with Wireless Energy Transfer”, M.Sc. defense on July 25, 2018, [photo] First Employment: Ericsson China
  2. Qingyong Wang (Sept. 2016 – Oct. 2017), “Data analytics in Large Scale Wireless Networks”
  3. Yuanyuan Wang, “Connectivity of Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network with Directional Antennas”, M.Sc. defense on 17/05/2016 (Excellent M.Sc. Thesis) [photo] First Employment: China Railway Express Co., Ltd. 
  4. Xuran Li, “Modeling Eavesdropping Attacks in Wireless Networks”, M.Sc. defense on 25/05/2015 (Excellent M.Sc. Thesis)
  5. Qiu Wang, “The Security and Connectivity of Wireless Networks: Impacts of Antenna Models”, M.Sc. defense on 08/05/2014 (Excellent M.Sc. Thesis)
  •    Selected B.Sc. Theses
  1. Yue Lu, “Sentimental Analysis of Massive Chinese Microblog Data”, B.Sc. defense on May 11, 2018, 
  2. Zheng Zhou, “The design and implementation of Online Photo Processing System based on HTML 5”, B.Sc. defense on May 9, 2014, Academic Status: M.Sc. student in EECS at Oregon State University, USA
  3. Walter Hon-Wai Lau, “The design and implementation of Automatic-Photo-Tagging System on Android Mobile Devices”, B.Sc. defense on 10/05/2013, First Employment: UO Group, Macau
  4. Huiwen Xu, “On the Network Connectivity of Wireless Networks”, B.Sc. defense on May 2012, Academic Status: M.Sc. student in ECE at Boston University, USA