Huan Zhang, Qinglin Zhao, Pei Dang, Hong-Ning Dai, Zhijie Ma
Zhang H., Zhao Q., Dang P., Dai H., Ma Z. (2015) A Weighted T2F Scheme for WLANs. In: Kim K., Wattanapongsakorn N. (eds) Mobile and Wireless Technology 2015. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 310. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
Publication year: 2015

WiFi network is known to be wasteful because WiFi performs the time-domain contention and often forces channel to remain idle. The time to frequency (T2F) protocol has recently been proposed to perform the frequency-domain contention and it has shown that T2F can reduce the contention overheads effectively. However, T2F just provides fair channel access. In this paper, we proposed a novel weighted T2F (WT2F) design that can provide weighted channel access. We then study the proportional fairness of WT2F. Simulation results validate that the proposed design is very effective and the proposed performance model is very accurate.