Zhou, Rang and Zhang, Xiaosong and Wang, Xiaofen and Yang, Guowu and Dai, Hong-Ning and Liu, Mingzhe
IEEE Internet of Things Journal
Publication year: 2021


Massive physical devices are deployed in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) to collect ambiance data while heavy storage and communication cost are imposed on these IoT devices. To overcome this constraint, cloud-assisted technologies are introduced to store and manage the collected data. In order to protect data quality and security, encryption is required before uploading data to remote clouds. Consequently, search function is added to cloud services to find the specific data. However, traditional data searching schemes are constructed in user-oriented systems, where the search function is mainly involved with the relationship between data and users rather than data and devices. As a result, traditional search schemes are not suitable to find special IoT devices. On the other hand, the status of these devices is described by many attributes, e.g., temperature, clean water storage, and machine speed in an early warning system for industrial sewage disposal equipment. Hence, multi-keyword conjunctive queries for partial attributes should be introduced so as to find the target device more accurately and more efficiently. To address these challenges, we propose a new universal device-oriented keyword searchable encryption scheme for cloud-assisted IoT in this paper. Furthermore, the functions of a single and conjunctive keyword search are maintained to handle the device search requirement of partial attributes. We conduct extensive experiments to evaluate the proposed scheme. Experimental results show that our scheme has excellent performance because of the lightweight index and query trapdoor.


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