He Xue, Dajiang Chen, Ning Zhang, Hong-Ning Dai, and Keping Yu,
Future Generation Computer Systems (in press)
Publication year: 2022


As an important technology to ensure data security, consistency, traceability, etc., blockchain has been increasingly used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The integration of blockchain and edge computing (IBEC) can further improve the resource utilization in terms of network, computing, storage, and security. This paper aims to present a survey on the IBEC. In particular, we first give an overview of blockchain and edge computing respectively. We then present a general architecture of an IBEC system. We next study the various applications of the IBEC in IoT. We also discuss the optimizations of the IBEC system and solutions from perspectives of resource management and performance improvement. Finally, we analyze and summarize the existing challenges posed by the IBEC system and the potential solutions in the future.


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