Qiu Wang, Yong Zhou, Hong-Ning Dai, Guopeng Zhang, Wei Zhang
IEEE Internet of Things Journal (early access), 2022
Publication year: 2022


This paper presents an analytical model to analyze the communication performance of Cluster Backscatter Communication Networks (CBackCom Nets) by considering their unique interferences. In CBackCom Nets, interferences are from both backscatter transmitters and carrier emitters, i.e., RF signal emitters. Because backscatter transmitters are distributed in clusters around carrier emitters, interferences from backscatter transmitters and interferences from carrier emitters constitute coupled interferences. In addition, since backscatter transmitters conduct backscatter communications by reflecting RF signals from carrier emitters, interfering signals from backscatter transmitters and interfering signals from carrier emitters are power-correlated, leading to the particularity and complexity of coupled interferences of CBackCom Nets. In contrast to previous studies that analyze the performance of CBackCom Nets ignoring coupled interferences, this paper develops a novel interference analysis approach to analyze their coupled interferences, and then analyze performance including coverage probability and spatial throughput of a cluster. Our numerical results show that our analytical model can obtain more accurate results than prior analytical models. In addition, our results reveal the relationship between the communication performance and multiple factors, such as the node density, the energy harvesting model, the interferences from carrier emitters, and the cluster size, offering insightful implications for constructing and configuring CBackCom Nets.


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