Dajiang Chen, Hao Wang, Ning Zhang, Xuyun Nie, Hong-Ning Dai, Kuan Zhang, Raymond Kim-Kwang Choo
IEEE Internet of Things Journal (early access), doi: 10.1109/JIOT.2022.3155355
Publication year: 2022


To ensure the security of Internet of Things (IoT) communications, one can use deep packet inspection (DPI) on network middleboxes to detect and mitigate anomalies and suspicious activities in network traffic of IoT, although doing so over encrypted traffic is challenging. Therefore, in this paper, an efficient and privacy-preserving encrypted traffic detection scheme is proposed. The scheme uses only lightweight cryptographic operations (i.e., symmetric encryption, hash functions and pseudo-random functions) to achieve both privacy and security within an inspection round. A dispute resolution mechanism is also designed to address potential disputes between client(s) and server(s). We also present the corresponding security proof and experimental evaluation, which demonstrate that our proposed scheme achieves strong security and privacy preservation and good performance.


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