Aolin Che, Yalin Liu, Hong Xiao, Hao Wang, Ke Zhang, Hong-Ning Dai
Security and Communication Networks, 2021
Publication year: 2021


In the past decades, due to the low design cost and easy maintenance, text-based CAPTCHAs have been extensively used in constructing security mechanisms for user authentications. With the recent advances in machine/deep learning in recognizing CAPTCHA images, growing attack methods are presented to break text-based CAPTCHAs. These machine learning/deep learning-based attacks often rely on training models on massive volumes of training data. The poorly constructed CAPTCHA data also leads to low accuracy of attacks. To investigate this issue, we propose a simple, generic, and effective preprocessing approach to filter and enhance the original CAPTCHA data set so as to improve the accuracy of the previous attack methods. In particular, the proposed preprocessing approach consists of a data selector and a data augmentor. The data selector can automatically filter out a training data set with training significance. Meanwhile, the data augmentor uses four different image noises to generate different CAPTCHA images. The well-constructed CAPTCHA data set can better train deep learning models to further improve the accuracy rate. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the accuracy rates of five commonly used attack methods after combining our preprocessing approach are 2.62% to 8.31% higher than those without preprocessing approach. Moreover, we also discuss potential research directions for future work.


  title={Augmented Data Selector to Initiate Text-Based CAPTCHA Attack},
  author={Che, Aolin and Liu, Yalin and Xiao, Hong and Wang, Hao and Zhang, Ke and Dai, Hong-Ning},
  journal={Security and Communication Networks},

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