Hao Wang, Shenglan Ma, Chaonian Guo, Yulei Wu, Hong-Ning Dai, Di Wu
accepted to appear in ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2020
Publication year: 2020


Distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) power energy markets are emerging quickly. Due to central governance and lack of effective information aggregation mechanisms, energy trading cannot be efficiently scheduled and tracked. We devise a new distributed energy transaction system over energy IIoT based on predictive analytics, blockchain and smart contract technologies. We propose a solution for scheduling distributed energy sources based on the Minimum Cut Maximum Flow (MCMF) theory. Blockchain is used to record transactions and reach consensus. Payment clearing for the actual power consumption is executed via smart contracts. Experimental results on real data show that our solution is practical and achieves a lower total cost for power energy consumption.


	  author={Hao Wang and Shenglan Ma and Chaonian Guo and Yulei Wu and Hong-Ning Dai and Di Wu},
	  journal={ACM Transactions on Internet Technology}, 
	  title={Blockchain-based Power Energy Trading Management}, 

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