Yalin Liu, Hong-Ning Dai, Muhammd Imran, Nidal Nasser
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2021)
Publication year: 2021

In this paper, we employ stochastic geometry to analyze ground-to-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications. We consider multiple UAVs to provide user-equipments (UEs) with uplink transmissions, where the distribution of UEs follows the Poisson Cluster process (PCP) and each UAV is dedicated to a specific cluster. In particular, we characterize the Laplace transform of the interference caused by multiple UEs in terms of the distribution of UEs as well as the transmission probability of each UE. We then derive analytical expressions of the successful transmission probability. We next conduct a comprehensive numerical analysis with consideration of different system parameters. The results show that four factors (i.e., the geographical surroundings, the transmission powers, the Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise Ratio (SINR) thresholds, and the UAV height) have main influences on ground-to-UAV communications.

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