Zibin Zheng, Yatao Yang, Xiangdong Niu, Hong-Ning Dai, Yuren Zhou
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 1606-1615, April 2018
Publication year: 2018


Electricity theft can be harmful to power grid suppliers and cause economic losses. Integrating information flows with energy flows, smart grids can help to solve the problem of electricity theft owning to the availability of massive data generated from smart grids. The data analysis on the data of smart grids is helpful in detecting electricity theft because of the abnormal electricity consumption pattern of energy thieves. However, the existing methods have poor detection accuracy of electricity-theft since most of them were conducted on one dimensional (1-D) electricity consumption data and failed to capture the periodicity of electricity consumption. In this paper, we originally propose a novel electricity-theft detection method based on Wide & Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) model to address the above concerns. In particular, Wide & Deep CNN model consists of two components: the Wide component and the Deep CNN component. The Deep CNN component can accurately identify the non-periodicity of electricity-theft and the periodicity of normal electricity usage based on two dimensional (2-D) electricity consumption data. Meanwhile, the Wide component can capture the global features of 1-D electricity consumption data. As a result, Wide & Deep CNN model can achieve the excellent performance in electricity-theft detection. Extensive experiments based on realistic dataset show that Wide & Deep CNN model outperforms other existing methods.


  • Convolutional neural networks
  • Deep learning
  • Electricity-theft detection
  • Machine learning
  • Smart grids


	author={Z. Zheng and Y. Yang and X. Niu and H.-N. Dai and Y. Zhou}, 
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We publish the dataset used in this paper to promote the research in this area. The dataset can be found through this link: https://github.com/henryRDlab/ElectricityTheftDetection/

2 Responses to “Wide & Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Electricity-Theft Detection to Secure Smart Grids”


    When I am trying to download the dataset zip file from GitHub the files are not getting extracted, can you please help me with this.
    I am working on developing a Meter Data Management System for easy billing, detection of fraud and theft in smart-grid
    Thank You in advance.

    • hndai

      Dear Jayesh S Giramkar,

      Thanks for your interest in our dataset on power grid. Could you please download all the three zip files and unzip them all? The all three zip files are data.z01 data.z02 and data.zip. Missing any of them will lead to the failure of uncompression.


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